2021 – We Must Be Winners

In the immortal words of the great Frank Sinatra… Here’s to the winners lift up your glasses… Here’s to the glory still to be! We as people must stand together to make 2021 a better year. A year to start our growth as a nation all over again and maintain who we are… The greatest country in the world!

We must ask the best of ourselves and give much more. Here’s to the heroes, those who move mountains, here’s to the miracles, they make us see… Here’s to all the brothers, here’s to all the people, here’s to the winners that in 2021 all of us must be!! Or else all the people that we loved and lost in 2020 would have died in vain! We are all winners because at the end of the day we are all good people… I honestly do believe that.

Happy New Year! PS we must try to surround ourselves around good people that are willing to sacrifice of themselves in order to make our world good again. You know who the good are and you know who the bad are. At the end of the day, in Gods eyes we need to do the right thing. Not always easy but it’s a must!

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